Brickshelfer MrTruck has taken his 8275 and destuddified it. Okay, it isn’t that creative, but it dose look much better.

Ginaf 3335s Tipper Truck

March 19, 2008

By Makorol:

Featuring 6×4 drivetrain with pendular suspension and a pneumatic tipper, this is a solid model. Good looks to boot. A glance through his gallery shows that, among other things, makorol built a rather functional-looking skidsteer loader.


March 16, 2008

Remember this? Well, it turns out that nico71 has a blog, but it’s in French. Google does a pretty good job of translating, though. He claims to make a model every week or so, which would make him very prolific. Go read up on some of his past models; the descriptions really add to the pictures.

This all came to my attention because he just uploaded pictures of his excavator to Brickshelf.

Policing and Hopping.

March 15, 2008

Noddy’s Police Bike is a thing of beauty.

Jerrec’s Mecano-Hopper is a thing of wonder.

Also, the JinjaNinja’s RC Impulse builds are quite good.

Remember 6059? Neither do I. Nevertheless, Sibley has made a tribute to it- definitely worth checking out.

nico71s proto trial truck chassis is fairly compact and definitely worth a look if you’re into that sort of thing.

At least, that’s how Kidthor appears to be thinking.


March 11, 2008

The noble X-wing is probably one of the most built ships ever. Even LEGO has done it five times. Why is it so popular? Because it rocks, duh. A quick search on Brickshelf shows that there may be a correlation between people who can’t spell “X-wing” and, *ahem*, sub-par models. However, there are plenty of great versions of this wonderful spacefighter. Take, for example, mikepsiaki’s excellent rendition; the unorthodox canopy is brilliant. Nabii, MarkChan, and Niko have all done good versions, as well. You may notice that all four of these models utilize at least a couple of clever techniques that set them apart from the rest.

Why did I just type that all out? I dunno. Let me make it up to you with this.

Presenting ZED‘s rendition of Night Hunter:

ZED already has several accomplishments under his belt, including a convincing Caterpillar C-15 Engine and an X-wing made from set 4891 that’s better than most people muster with their whole collections.

Variable Awesomeness.

March 10, 2008

Okay, so it’s technically not new, but legotanks (pratt on Brickshelf) has just uploaded pictures of his Road Spider, a variable geometery tank. It’s nice, but I prefer his Heavy Spider:

Anyway, add him as a contact.

Also, check out Pawlo’s cute and surprisingly functional mobile crane.


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